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About the Book
Relationships with animals are a fundamental part of human life. It is well known that having a pet has positive results, both for mental and physical health. It has become increasingly popular in our society to have a pet, so it is essential to know how to take care of all its necessities. Apart from medical and hygenic needs, nutrition is a vital part of maintaining animals' health and comfort.

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Many books about canine nutrition exist, detailing the precise nutritional recommendations to help dogs live long, happy, and healthy lives. As the author clearly states, the best way to care for your animal is to follow your veterinarian's recommendations. However, this book goes beyond simple dietary information. 

Everything written in El Chef Canino has been proven by trial and error over many years experience caring for dogs. Written in first person and using familiar, straightforward language, this book dynamically presents the author's accumulated knowledge. 
The author shares anecdotes and advice to help us cultivate a positive, healthy relationship with our pets, surely helping the animals live a happier life. Finally, the book presents a list of easy recipes so we can also enjoy eating with our canine friends. I am sure this book will be a useful and pleasant read for all animal lovers.
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